Customs Brokers

Import Services

Whether your goods arrive via ocean, air, or land carrier, our experienced staff will immediately take action to expedite the Customs clearance and release of your shipments.

An account executive will work closely with you reviewing the items you import to properly classify the items as well as assess the documentation required to enter the items. Care is taken to assure that you benefit from any special provisions allowed by U.S. Customs.

Where possible, entries are pre-filed for pre-clearance of cargo prior to its arrival at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor or Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

We have scheduled messenger service, throughout the day, between our office and the U.S. Customs facility at the harbor.

For air cargo clearances, Wiley personnel continually picks up documents throughout the day from air carriers for entry preparation and filing. With the U.S. Customs air cargo facility being around the corner from us, we are routinely in and out of there throughout the day filing entries and picking up Delivery Authorization Documents (DAD) on cleared merchandise.

Also available to you are late night or weekend clearance services at LAX. Meeting of passengers at LAX for Customs clearance of hand carried shipments is also available.

Through our network of correspondent Customs Brokers, we are able to provide clearance of import cargo at any port in the United States.