Other Services

Special Customs Services

Other services we provide are Drawback Entries, Protests, Quota Handling, Classification Rulings, Customs Bonds, Food and Drug Administration clearances, Fish and Wildlife clearances, and U. S. Department of Agriculture clearances.


To protect your financial interest, we strongly recommend to both importers and exporters to insure their shipments. The insuring of cargo has long played an important role in international shipping transactions. Sellers need the assurance that they will get paid for the goods sold and buyers need to receive their goods in marketable condition.

You should be aware that according to the terms on carriers’ bills of ladings, whether the cargo moves via ocean, air, or land carrier, the carriers’ liability is very limited, should there be any damage or loss.

As Customs Brokers and Foreign Freight Forwarders, we can see to it that your cargo is properly insured at competitive rates.

Warehouse and Distribution

Through our resources and association with several Customs bonded warehouses, domestic warehouses, and trucking companies, we are able to provide you with economical warehouse and distribution services. You can send us your complete distribution instructions on each of your import shipments, and we will arrange for pick up, sorting, labeling, and forwarding of your shipment to your customers.

Inbound Air and Ocean Freight Rate

Through our network of correspondent agents in principal cities of the world, and through two affiliate N.V.O.C.C.’s, we are able to offer the import community competitive inbound freight rates both via ocean and air carriers.